Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God, Travel, and Family (general rant)

I feel like I am in many ways contradictory to myself, if I have spoken with you recently with some of my plans this probably shows. On one hand, I have a deep desire to travel the world, this travel will be missions based, because it is my pleasure to serve God. (especially if this serving means I get to travel the world. I would like to spend more time abroad than at home) But, also I would like to get married and raise a family, this could make a traveling lifestyle hard, and a traveling lifestyle could make this hard.

Lately my thought processes have swerved from one extreme to the other on these two subjects, also to complicate matters, while I was in Brazil (06/30/10 - 7/14/10 ) I started to learn on how to walk in the supernatural power of God. I was seeing miracles, healings, and the like on a daily basis, also things like prayer and prophesy became a major part of my life. There are a few places to learn to better understand how operate in these areas, places that help you avoid pitfalls,and accelerate the learning process. I have been considering going to one of these schools, Global School of Supernatural Ministry, located in Mechenicsburg, Pennsylvania. However, I am aware that I am part of what God is doing here in Texas as well.

My problem comes from having a mindset limited by time and space, God is not limited by either of these. I can by the grace of God both learn to operate in the supernatural, hopefully at one of these schools as to avoid pitfalls, and be directly tied to what God is doing in this region.
In knowing I am tied to this region, and not knowing where to start in spreading the fire of God in this region ( we have a dry field, we just need a few people willing to be torches to see this place transformed) I tend to seek to rely on my team from Brazil, we have all seen the hand of God working through us and in us. I think God has formed the team for a reason beyond Brazil, yet sometimes it feels like I am trying to use the team as a system to make things easier for me, instead of benefiting all of us and this region.

Back to my original extremes at war though, family and continually seeking to go to the ends of the earth. I will say this, my desire for travel tends to hold more influence over my mindset concerning marriage and raising a family than the other way around. I realize this because I evaluate women with marriage in mind ( I have no use for short term relationships) items I consider are, is she devoted to Christ?(there are "Christians" that are not, however there aren't those that are devoted that aren't christian) What is her position on raising a family? ( my thinking says children are a gift from God and a full quiver is good) How willing to travel is she? ( if she is tied to one place, and seeks to settle, we may have a huge conflict of interests, enough to not marry) what college team does she like? ( if she is a longhorns fan, it makes a bad first impression, and she would have to convince me to overlook this sin). After evaluating these important matters, I will start noticing things like personality and looks, since these aren't nearly as important in serving God in the ministry of marriage. My only problem with this evaluation mindset is it seems like I am looking for human resources rather than a wife that is a person, but then we are who we choose to be.

please people, give me more to think on, I am really starting to enjoy posting despite the fact it feels like I am rambling and self contradicting. thank you for your time.

end note, there have been a couple times when my friend Jake was showing me pictures on facebook of some girl he is considering hitting on and asking me if I thought she was cute, and she was wearing a longhorns shirt and my mind automatically told me " no, she is a longhorn, she isn't cute" but after seeing pictures that were in non longhorns clothes, I was a little more convinced that she may be cute, however I don't have anymore basis on her character to back this up, so I am still not sure

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving, a time of memories

Yes this week is the time when we as a nation celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, possibly because we too often lack this trait in our daily lives. It is a time of the year I think most of us are fond of. For me it is one of the best times of the year, followed by one of my least favorite times of the year, "the Christmas season", a time which has strayed far from its supposed roots, and has been capitalized upon, and a time of hopeful profit for businesses. But this post isn't about that, its about Thanksgiving, and my fond reminiscing of this holiday in years gone by.

Though for many people being around much or all of their family is part of their fond memories of Thanksgiving, my favorite memories come from a year when my brother Ben and I were the two people gathered for festivities and feasting. This was two years ago, our parents had gone to Ohio, to my grandparents house, and Ben had to stay home and work, I was able to go up and see Ben for the holiday, so he wouldn't have to spend it alone.

While there, we cooked like we would if we did have the family to feed, we needed to fully enjoy the tastes of Thanksgiving, despite the fact neither one of us know how to cook for less than an army. Not wanting to cook a turkey for two people, we each had a cornish hen, we had mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole ( we had to make our own french onions, and they blew away anything you could buy), and other traditional foods we insist on having at this particular time of year. After an awesome time of hectic nonstop cooking, we were able to go sit out on the front porch of my parents house, and enjoy the fruit of our labor. After stuffing ourselves to capacity, and then some, we were contemplating life and what to do with the rest of day, we decided we would go to a local state park and go walking.

It was a nice late November day in Northwest Arkansas, the trees baring or bare, and we arrived in our dads Honda Civic at the state park, we got to wandering the paths before we ran out of places common folk go, so we started blazing trails of our own. After a bit we came to a cliff face, and we happened to be at the top, so we had to find a way down, and we found a place we could climb down with some chance of surviving and keeping from serious injury.after climbing down cliffs and wandering fields we decided to find a road and get back to the car. we did so and I wish I had something of interest to say about the trip at this point but I really don't, it is just a fond memory.....I do have some more of these memories, on other holidays, such as New Years....but that is not what this post was about, it was about fond Thanksgiving memories......

Thank you for your precious time, Be blessed people, Be blessed. Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today was my third day of actually working at wal mart. I am putting bikes together, so they keep me in the back away from people, but it is enjoyable work.

So today while on my lunch break I was sitting out in my pickup, listening to music, and the song hanging on by a thread, by the letter black came on and I was rocking out to it in my pickup. I was parked way in the back of the parking lot away from vehicles. And as I am rocking out a guy pulls up beside me, rolls down his window (mine was already down) so I turned the radio down, he says " you rocking out?" I go "yep", he asks "you smoke pot?", I go "what?" he repeats his question, I tell him no, " you just rocking out then?" , "Yep I am just crazy". and he drives off. I fall over laughing..........apparently I appeared to be of different character than I am.

questions? comments? please use the comment box
Thank you, Tommy

Monday, November 8, 2010

The siege is over

About 4 weeks ago, through strange circumstances, I lost my job at Huffman heating and A/C. In the time of my unemployment, I went through some fun and trying times.

About a week after I lose my job, I go to a music store to apply, I don't get an application, I wind up looking at guitars,and buying one, (a squier, made by fender) despite the fact it cost about a month rent for me, and I knew it would be cutting it close come time rent was due.

Well I was doing daywork, and working to get a CDL to be a driver for my brother in law. However, there was a check in my spirit, saying "wrong way". So I wind up telling bil in a less than smooth way, that I am not interested in truck driving job, and for a time drop even daywork with him.

As the time rent was due approached, I knew I needed a bit more money to make ends meet, so I scrapped an old clunker I never got running good, and took up daywork with bil again.
and the a day or two before bills were due , I had enough to cover all my bills and have $20 to spare for gas, this was about week 3

During weeks 1 and 2 were the truck driving endeavor, middle of week 2 I got a contact for work, doing contract A/C work in the nearby town of Ballinger( I go out to Ballinger on a weekly basis already, I am involved with a ministry out there)so I accept ,yet company is waiting on a contract to go through( when it does I will have work). As I was waiting for work I continued to apply, now for part-time during unusual business hours(anything not 8-5) so when contract goes through I can work there and keep part time job.

After A bit Wal-Mart contacts me,able to give me hours suitable to keep work,ministry, and some level of life. So I go to the interview for part time cashier, and get a job as an assembler. They changed my position before I was even hired, lol. And today was my first day at walmart, the wrist slittingly boring orientation as I am "educated" (brainwashed) on walmart policy was what I had today and may have to some level tomorrow. But I am very glad to back to work.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brazil blog, and my prayer for a return of fire.

Hey Folks,

Back in July I was in Curitiba, Brazil on a missions trip, I was immersed in the fire of God on that trip, I was daily seeing the hand of God moving on me and the people around me. here is a link to the team blog http://curitibabrazilteam.blogspot.com/

I am grieved at the loss of the fire I had while I was in the midst of that nation in revival, somehow the daily grind took over, and I lost sight of the Awesome God I serve. Sure, I do have times where I get ignited, but not that constant burning fire that drives out fear of man. I want to be back in the fires of revival, Lord. In fact, I want to carry your fire with me wherever I go, I was at a point where I was seeing you heal people on a daily basis, I want to be back to there Lord, where I don't just have a proven theology that you heal, but I live it as a daily part of life. Come Father, let the wind of your Spirit blow in me again, let me and my team once again walk with you in our callings, let us be the revival. Help us Father to seek first the kingdom of God, and know that you will take care of the rest. Help us to wage war, and be assured of victory over the enemy wherever and whenever we encounter him, Father, for by the blood of Jesus we have already won. Teach us, O Lord, who we are in you, so that we will not falter before the enemy, but rather stand firm knowing that you back us completely. Thank you Father, for your great grace. amen

there is more to be spoke of about the trip and future plans for trips, please keep in prayer a rekindling of the fire of God under me and the Brazil team, thank you and God be with you.

Love, Tommy

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hey if I can find motivation to blog , i have got some stuff to type up. harass me however you can to get it done.

I hope to type up these fun stories

1. Brasil!
2. Dirty hole of despair
3. skydiving (after Sunday)
and other various fun activities

but I have to go to work now. Keep me posting.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have returned

Hey followers and other various readers.

Since I last posted I have been in search of a way into missionary work. First was into Turkey. That fell through in the first interview(no prior experience in the field)trip was at least a year commitment.

Next, was Kenya, Africa. A friend of mine was going, and I showed interest,and talked with the guy he was going with.I was accepted on to the team... but the trip never got organized fully( the guy felt he was called to South America instead).in the time before the trip fell through I got a passport, after a couple months the trip fell through.

Then about a month ago, i saw my friend Lane was going to Brazil, so I jokingly asked him " hey can I go?". and was going to leave at that, but people persisting asking me "so Tommy, have you talked to Mark about going to Brazil?" I finally got his contact info, and called him.He told me he would pray about putting me on the team. About when I had forgot about talking to him, i got a call saying "hey Tommy, I have an application for you to fill out for the trip".

Since being accepted onto the team, I found out about an "extra" in the trip( a Preacher/Teacher position you could apply for)that only I was eligible to apply for, due to age. I kind of considered it, but decided " I'm no communicator" and was going to let it slide.....a couple days later Mark called me, informing me of this position possibility, and saying I really think you would enjoy it. So I fill out the application, fax it in, and have now been accepted.

So now I am not only going out of the country, but completely out of my element. I suppose now is the time to take up the rebeloutonary battle cry. Do Hard Things!

I hope I have composed this post in a semi-coherent fashion. Thank you for your time and God bless.